An interesting aspect of working alone is the way you do it.

The tools and processes that you use make a difference, just like they do for bigger teams or companies.

But you can change and adapt those processes as quickly as you want, without worrying about the unintended effect it might have on someone else.

These are some of the specific ways that I work, and how I run Dropseed.

* marks Dropseed products or internal tools

"Business" stuff $77

Day to day $5

Billing $0

Use Stripe. Beyond that, here are a few things I do. (Note that you have payment fees on Stripe, like all payment processors. But if you already have some volume going, you can a good chunk of "fee free processing" through things like Product Hunt Founder Club).

Hosting and app services $407

I've tried a lot of services and spent a lot of money here. These days I keep it as simple and boring as I can, but never rule out a new tool that could make all the difference.

Command line and development process $5

I have a few apps open all day, and iTerm2 and VSCode are two of them.

Total $494 per month

Questions or ideas? Email me here or find me on Twitter.

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